About Us

About Us

We the sportstym team are bunch of sports enthusiasts with lots of concerns about well being of public.

Remember the days when sports was an integral part of our life . We do used to play and sports has taken care of our health and well being. Yes I am talking about our juvenile days . Now today's when we achieved all we wished for our life we changed our lifestyle and omited sports from our lives. The results of that we are now losing our physical strength and becoming unhealthy. What are we doing to cater this...mostly nothing or going to gym...some of us taking pills to stay fit. Also we are spending lots of time at Facebook Twitter Instagram and other social media sites. Are they helping us to improve our health. Answer is a big no. What's the solution then. Go and play what you like.
What are hurdles to play these days.
Let me tell you.
I don't have friends or people with whome I can play.
I don't have grounds or equipment.
I don't have much time to play games.

This platform sportstym is answer of all the above questions.

It is a social platform for you and by you. You can find players of likewise interest near by your home or office . Choose sports to play. Make a team if you wish . Schedule a match . Choose a ground . Play and stay fit. Now you don't have to waste time and money in boring gym rather you can play and stay fit doing this social gaming.

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